Martin MALÝ


My Portfolio

Entrepreneurial, freelance and personal projects that I founded or participated at.
(my employment-based work for SAP and PNB is listed at Resume page)

Active Projects

Pražské cyklostezky (founded 2007)

ASP.NET 2.0Microsoft SQL 2005jQueryGoogle Maps API

I founded Pražské cyklostezky in 2007 as a hobby project to map and describe the system of Prague cyclopaths and cyclotracks. The website has become popular among Prague residents and tourists since then.

I designed and developed the website end-to-end, I implemented backend APIs and front-end JavaScript application that loads data onto Google Map.

Škola v pohodě (second version, 2007)


I worked on the second iteration of Škola v pohodě for the company Scio. This is a web portal that offers thousands of articles, essays and other resources for high school students.

The new system is built on MediaWiki, which enables better administration experience and a robust backend.

I migrated existing data onto MediaWiki, implemented custom modules and made custom changes to the MediaWiki core.

Archived projects

Some projects have been discontinued and are no longer available or their mission has changed. For reference, a link to the Internet web archive is provided.

Lepší místo (2010)

ASP.NET MVCC#Microsoft SQL ServerGoogle Maps APIJavaScriptAzure

I participated in building a web portal and mobile API for Lepsi Misto. This Czech NGO had a goal to build an easy communication tool for monitoring issues in any city. From a broken bench, to a pothole on a street or graffiti on a building, a citizen could take a photo with a mobile app and upload it to Lepsi Misto. The team then communicated the problem to the city officials.

The first iteration was launched in 2010 and soon had been adopted by many cities across the country. Later, the project evolved and the original idea was transformed into a tool where people can vote what their city should invest in.

I built the web application and mobile API, worked closely with web designers and a company that was building Android and iOS applications. The project was hosted at Microsoft Azure with a robust CI/CD pipeline that took any commit through test to production.

Poledníček (2009)

ASP.NET 3.5C#Microsoft SQL Server 2008NHibernateMicrosoft Enterprise LibraryAzure

This was a startup project based on a simple idea - in Czech cities many people go for lunch every day, but they do not have time to check lunch menus of all restaurants in their neighborhood. This is where Polednicek became handy by listing menus around you at one page and helping you to make a decision where to go based on your dietary preferences.

Besides software development, I learned a lot about building a business idea from scratch, negotiating with restaurants and making customers happy.

Puravida Campers (2007)

PHPWordPressMySQLPayPal integration

The web presentation for a small company, which was renting vans to surfers on the Portuguese coast.

I built and configured the solution on WordPress with several available content-management modules. Additionally, I implemented a custom WordPress module for vehicle booking and its administrative part where company owners could manage customer reservations.

On the web design part I collaborated with Martin Staněk.

Website of Doňov village (2006)

ASP.NET 2.0C#Microsoft SQL

Web presentation of a small village in south Bohemia. The website included a custom simple management system that allowed town officials to publish announcements and legal documents on the website.

As the agenda of the municipal office grew over time, they decided to migrate to a commercial solution with extended support.

My work included web design, coding and development of the content management system, deployment and maintenance of the project.

Customer loyalty program (2006)

ASP.NET 2.0C#Microsoft SQL

Intranet web application for management of a customer loyalty program. Shopping mall customers received a bar code card and were collecting points for purchase made in involved shops. Collected points were interchangeable for a gift or discount.

The system was deployed in a mid-size shopping mall in the Czech Republic and was running for several years.

My work: code, design and implementation

Centrum referátů cdStudent (2006)


Bonus web portal for owners of cdStudent - a CD that offered student essays and study materials.

Portal was based on PmWiki, my task was to design and implement new features into PmWiki to fulfill portal requirements.

Škola v pohodě (2003)

Visual Basic(pure old) ASPMicrosoft SQL 2000

Web portal for high school students. Site offered more than 5000 seminary works and papers to be used for school-related work.

I worked on code improvements and implementation of the administration site.


About me

Software engineer with 15+ years of experience in architecture and development of enterprise, distributed and web applications, CI/CD pipelines and deployment on global scale and into cloud systems. I have experience with hiring and leading global and remote teams.

Specialities: Java, Kotlin, Python, Kafka, GCP, AWS, SAP HANA DB, MSSQL, Oracle, micro-services, .NET


Principal Software Engineer Apr 2021 - now
SAP Ariba, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Tech lead and scrum lead of a global remote team on Business Network Data Protection & Privacy project. This involves designing a set of applications that enable customers to download and purge data in Business Network, working closely with product management and program management on roadmap and timelines and cooperation with many teams across Ariba.

Senior Developer Feb 2017 - Mar 2021
SAP Ariba, San Francisco Bay Area, California

After I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017, I continued to work on platform projects in Ariba Network, the world's largest business network and digital marketplace for Buyers and Suppliers with 3+ trillion USD in commerce transactions annually.

My team was in charge of migration of Ariba Network to SAP HANA database, where I gained expertise in migration strategies for multi-TB databases and 200+ enterprise applications.

Some of my contributions were

  • implemented HANA support in ORM frameworks (JPA and EO)
  • designed, implemented and tested changes to business logic across 200+ applications in Java and Kotlin to support HANA database
  • innovated db automation routines, built CI/CD tools with Jenkins pipeline and setup monitoring in Splunk
  • architectured solutions for phased migration from Oracle to HANA together with DBA and Ops team
  • led initiatives across SAP to support smooth delivery
  • ran internal seminars on engineering topics

I am an alumni of 2019 SAP Ariba Possibilities, one year global training for top performers focused on leadership and business innovations. I mentored participants of the 2020 program.

Senior Developer Nov 2016 - Jan 2017
SAP Ariba, Prague, Czech Republic

I transferred to SAP Ariba and started to work in Ariba Network in a platform team and our mission was to migrate Ariba Network to SAP HANA database.

While I was waiting for my US work visa to be finalized, I was on-boarding with Ariba Network and was designing test strategies for large-scale migration.

Software Design Engineer III Sep 2014 - Oct 2016
SAP Concur, Prague, Czech Republic

I joined Concur in 2014 as a member of a new development team on the ExpenseIt project. ExpenseIt is a service that turns paper receipts into expense reports, automagically with OCR and sends them to Concur Expense.

Over the course of my presence in the project, we have significantly stabilized our server applications by moving from PHP to Java technology stack, together with major improvements in test coverage on various application levels (unit, feature, integration, API) and introduction of new deployment orchestration with Puppet.

Next we iterated on our experience and rebuilt the application stack into Python-based micro-services architecture and moved away from a relational database to NoSQL storage and proper queue-based mechanisms. Concurrently, we designed new APIs, closely with our mobile development team.

  • I stabilized the existing PHP implementation, resolved many issues and documented and tested many use cases
  • I contributed to a robust CI/CD pipeline and test automation as well as taken the ownership of our servers
  • I was fostering DevOps culture in our team, for which we are being recognised as a leading example in the company
  • Worked in an agile environment, closely with Product, Design and QE teams
Senior Software Developer Jan 2009 - Aug 2014
PNB a.s., Czech Republic

I was responsible for end-to-end development of web based solutions on .NET technologies, including project analysis, development, testing and bug fixing.

  • skilled in front-end development - ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4, HTML, CSS, jQuery & jQuery UI, Knockout, AJAX oriented applications, JSON, mashed apis
  • design, implementation and configuration of hybrid systems with Microsoft Azure cloud platform and on-promise services - Web and Worker roles, WCF, Azure Service Bus, data synchronization
  • data layer and business logic design and development - NHibernate, Linq, Microsoft Enterprise Library (Unity, logging), log4net
  • database design and data mining - Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 and Oracle, SQL
  • follow best practices and methodologies - agile development, IoC (Unity), unit testing (mbUnit, MSTest, Selenium web tests), logging, issue tracking, SVN and GIT
  • worked on several Java projects including design and development of Android 1.5 mobile application and Google GWT front-end
PHP and .NET Developer 2001 - 2008
Freelancer, Prague, Czech Republic

I participated in various projects as PHP and later .NET developer, including

  • Architecture and implementation of on-line catalog for seller of kitchen utensil - MS SQL, C#, ASP.NET
  • Reservation system for Portuguese surf rental company - PHP, MySQL, custom plugins to WordPress (reservation system administration), PayPal integration
  • End-to-end design and implementation of customer loyalty program for Czech shopping mall - MS SQL, ADO.NET, C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, EAN scanning
  • Development and maintenance of web presentation and on-line municipality official board of Doňov village - MS SQL, C#, ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Backend tools for e-learning project - VBA document parsers, DOC to HTML transformations, C# Win Forms application, document oriented web application built with PHP and PmWiki


Computer Science 2000 - 2006
Charles University

Computer science and software engineering.

Honors & Awards

Best Innovative Hack 2016
SAP Concur

Concur Prague Summer Hack Days 2016. Project HuntIt is an Android mobile application, the indoor locator for the Metronom Business Center, which is our new office building in Prague. It utilizes iBeacons and Bluetooth LE as proximity sensors.

The HuntIt application was awarded:
- Best Innovative Hack
- Best Movie Reference Hack


Certificate in Advanced English (CAE, C1 level) 2016
University of Cambridge

Microsoft Certified Professional 2004

Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

First Certificate in English (FCE, B2 level) 2003
University of Cambridge

Programming skills

CI/CD, Jenkins, Splunk, Dynatrace

Language skills


Hobbies and interests