My portfolio

Here I present commercial projects that I have participated in.

My open source applications and code snippets are listed on my wiki.

Major projects

Phalanger - the PHP Language Compiler for .NET Framework
(university project 2003-2004, version 2 is being developed on CodePlex)

Phalanger is the only one fully functional compiler of PHP language to .NET platform. Project started in 2003 as university project at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

My work: As a member of project team, I implemented part of Phalanger code generator.
Technologies: C#, MSIL

Websites and intranet applications (January 2009) -

Project goal: The idea behind this website is simple - many people go for a lunch every day but they do not know in advance what their favourite restaurants are cooking. Polednicek project is database of restaurants and their lunch menus.

My work: Website built from scratch, entirely on ASP.NET 3.5 using SQL Server 2008 backend.

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, NHibernate, UrlRewriter.NET, log4net, RssToolkit, Microsoft Enterprise Library (June-October 2007) -

Project goal: Design and build new company website, including customer care tools and company and community blogs.

My work: Project is based on WordPress blogging software, several existing content-management plugins were incorporated.
Customer billing system was developed from scratch as WordPress plugin. Public part of plugin allows customers to book a vehicle for their holiday. Private part with customers and orders management is available to administrators through WordPress administration panel.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, PayPal integration (May 2007) -

Project goal: found new website which will cover the system of Prague cyclopaths and cyclotracks

My work: programming and webdesign
Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, API (February, March 2007) -

Project goal: re-implement service to offer better administration and service backend. New system is built on MediaWiki, for its robustness and scalability.

My work: deep study of MediaWiki internals, implementation of custom moduls for MediaWiki, custom changes to MediaWiki core
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MediaWiki system (December 2006) -

I fully designed this site.

My work: web design, code design and implementation
Technologies: static website, XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Website of Doňov village (November 2006) -

Web presentation of a small village in south Bohemia. My work also included development of simple content management system for public notices.

My work: web design, code design and implementation
Technologies: C# (asp.net2), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Expresss database

Customer loyalty program (October 2006) - private site

Intranet web application for management of customer loyalty program. Each customer is equiped with a bar code card and receive points for purchase he/she makes in involved shops. Collected points could be changed for a present or discount.

My work: code design and implementation
Technologies: C# (asp.net2), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Expresss database

Centrum referátů cdStudent (August 2006) - private site

Bonus web portal for owners of cdStudent. Portal is based on PmWiki project, my task was to design and implement new features into PmWiki to fulfil portal requirements.

My work: design and implementation of new features into PmWiki
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, based on PmWiki

Škola v pohodě (2003) -

Web portal for high school students. Site offers more than 5000 seminary works and papers.

My work: code design and implementation of administration background
Technologies: (pure old) ASP, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database

Other projects

cdStudent (2001, 2003, 2006) -

My work: (re)implementation of document parsers from Microsoft Word into HTML.
Technologies: VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Minor projects (2001) -

One of my first web projects, outdated. Original plan was to built the web portal with tips for bike trips around Prague.

My work: web design, code design
Technologies: PHP

Recent blog posts

Projects section contains a full list of projects I have participated in.

In 2004 I became Microsoft Certified Professional in C# (exam 70-316).


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acm Student 2004 - Competition winner

Compiling PHP Applications for the Microsoft .NET Platform Read more


Microsoft Certified Professional

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